December, traditionally known as the season of giving, kicks off tomorrow with Giving Tuesday.

Giving Tuesday continues and expands upon the spirit of wonder, delight, gratitude, and goodwill that alights during the year-end holidays. Giving Tuesday is when you can improve someone’s life with just the click of a mouse.

By far, the most gratifying aspect of Giving Tuesday is the heartfelt gratitude of students who would otherwise not have been able to remain in school, or buy textbooks, without help from The City College Fund. Here is one example:

“Though there were many other schools that I was accepted to, I chose CCNY. I am an architecture major and the architecture program here is everything I dreamed of. This is why I am so thankful for my scholarship—because it allows me to pursue what I love. I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity you have given me. Thank you for helping me to get one step closer to my dreams.”—Zara Tamton

Everything that we do, especially helping students such as Zara, is the direct result of your concern and generosity. Whether you are able to give $100 of $5, every dollar goes a long way towards making a world of difference to a current CCNY student.

And that is why Giving Tuesday is the most wonderful time of the year. It’s when you can become the best version of yourself by empowering others, simply by clicking a mouse or picking up the phone. So, join us in the excitement over our favorite time of the year. On December 1st, join us in looking forward to giving back. 

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