After fifteen years at The City College Fund, Executive Director celebrated the opening of her new workspace in Shepard Hall at the beginning of the new year.

One of the most—if not the most beloved executives in the Tri-State area is ecstatic with her new suite. Designed by Robert Kennedy, her Director of Financial Service, and decorated by her Director of Special Projects, Cly Fowkes, Elena’s suite is bathed in soft fluorescent lighting and punctuated with robust bursts of color. The swath of turquoise near the conference table, for example, was hand-painted on a weekend afternoon by Cly herself.

Upon entry to Elena’s suite, one is immediately drawn to the enlarged portrait of delicate pink cherry blossoms on a far wall. A nod to Elena’s dedication to the students she employs and mentors, and their admiration for her, the photo was taken by the talented Qurat-ul-ain Ali, a Class of 2015 graduate. A leather couch rests beneath a wall of images curated and framed by Cly, adding several doses of whimsy and surrealism to counter the smooth sternness of the couch.

Further still, one discovers Elena’s desk, where nearly all the magic happens. Surrounded by memories captured in photos and books, and the proverbial and never-ending to-do-list, Elena does a large percentage of her leading and negotiating from here. Some of it takes place at the intimate conference table a few feet from her desk. Perched on a woolen rug hand-picked by Cly, the space has already hosted a myriad of important round-table discussions; frequently, there is a sweet or savory offering upon the table, to the added delight of visitors.

When one steps into Elena’s office, a string of praise is never far behind; praise for both the unique décor of the office, as well as praise for her own personal sense of style and leadership. Why not come and see for yourself? Feel free to give us a call at 212-650-6525 to make an appointment to meet Elena, to not only admire her office, but to also admire the campus, a bustling mini-metropolis of cultures and charms both old and new. Elena looks forward to seeing you soon!

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