It was a morning of smiles, chocolate, and selfies in the NAC rotunda on Tuesday, November 1st. City College Fund staffers Ilene Miller, Sikeea Graham, and Maria Raftelis, along with some of the Fund’s part-time student employees Juan Celis, Aychen Halim, and Matthew Lynn Rotker, set up a table in the NAC rotunda to kick off the first of many Giving Tuesday events.

With a focus on students helping students, the team led a pioneering grassroots campaign towards spreading awareness of the Fund’s mission. In the NAC, the campus’ main building, the rotunda is a veritable landing pad for students from all over the campus, and it especially comes alive during club hours. There were people who were inrigued at first by the enticing basket of individually wrapped chocolates purchased by Ilene Miller. Others were drawn to the table by the irresistible siren call of a social media endeavor. Upon speaking with the Fund team, students and College employees were endeared to the nonprofit’s goal of encouraging not only alumni, but also current students to donate, to help us to help their peers.


Aside from the heartwarming altruism experienced, there were also selfies. Lots and lots of selfies. Donning purple wristbands and purple buttons created by the Fund, students and staff posed in a foam board meant to mimic a social media post, to be shared across all social media platforms in real life. If you didn’t have a chance to participate, the team will be back in the rotunda on November 10th.


With their open-mindedness, curiosity, enthusiasm, and willingness to help their peers, the CCNY students of today are certainly worthy of the standards and legacy of excellence established by their predecessors. They put the heart into Giving Tuesday.

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