Grassroots Giving Tuesday Campaign Ignites Smiles

Curiosity was the name of the game on the second of our Giving Tuesday sessions in the NAC rotunda. CCNY students are an inquisitive bunch who like to have as much information at their fingertips as possible. We fielded lots of questions as most of the students we encountered had never heard of The City College Fund. Yet, many students have a friend or friend of a friend who receives a scholarship through our office.

Some of those scholarship recipients—and all-around great kids—including Jason Ramnath, the affable founder of the new Hedge Fund Club, and Kailee Neal, were on hand to help spread the word about who we are and what we do. Generous with their time, their hard-earned money, and their smiles, students of CCNY warmed quickly to our mission.

A genuine spirit is hard to hide. It became very clear to all of the students and staff who shared their time with us that working at The City College Fund is not just a job—we care about what we do. Rooting for someone’s life to change for the better comes second nature to us. Find out more about us at our website: Keep an eye out for us in the NAC rotunda next week—we’ll be the group in the matching t-shirts, saving their best smiles for you.

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