Giving Thanks Never Goes Out of Style

               Elena Sturman, Executive Director (center) with Jason Ramnath & Kailee Neal

                   The Annual Donor Appreciation Reception, one of The City College Fund’s favorite nights of the year, was held last night at the elegant 3 West Club in Manhattan. It was an evening to honor the thoughtfulness and generosity of the donors who continue to believe in the importance of our mission and the power of its impact.

The College’s twelfth president, Dr. Lisa S. Coico, kicked off the evening with a healthy dose of school spirit; she revved up the crowd with news of the College’s medical school welcoming its first class on August 8th, as well as lesser known facts. (For example, did you know that 12 Oscar winners once walked the halls of City College, including Woody Allen?)

Then, everyone’s attention turned to some of the tenacious and academically gifted students who continue to enhance the City College of New York. Economics major Jason Ramnath shared his heartbreaking story of how family values helped him to triumph amidst the financial struggles of an immigrant family. Kailee Neal delivered an update on how drastically her life has changed since she approached The Fund as a homeless teenager one year ago. Since then, Kailee, a history major, has found happiness in an apartment with hamsters. She now only has one job rather than three, which was the case last year.

Class of 2007 alumnae Sabeen Perwaiz returned from her new life in Jacksonville, Florida, specifically to address her predecessors and successors. She spoke of falling in love with the College and its rich history through her many interactions with alumni as a student employee of The City College Fund. Sabeen is now the Executive Director of the Florida Nonprofit Alliance, and a donor herself—at last night’s event, she pledged $1, 000 a year to express her gratitude for the scholarship she received as a student.

The Annual Donor Appreciation Reception brings out the best of what The City College Fund stands for—guiding students to transcend their current situations to becoming the best versions of themselves. We hope that you will support our mission, and we hope to see you at next year’s celebration.

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