This is the time of year when we reflect upon our lives, paying close attention to all that we are thankful for. Here at the City College Fund, we have many reasons to be grateful. In particular, the exuberant and hardworking students we encounter every day.

      During the third of our fundraising drives in the NAC rotunda, we were fortunate enough to once again witness not only the generosity and warmth of our student population, but also their dedication and selflessness.

      Moved by our efforts to raise money for on-campus clubs, students who weren’t even sure that they had money in their accounts and had mere moments before class, still reached into their wallets to give. Students who only had a few hard-earned dollars in their pockets were happy to donate what they could. Some students also chose to give anonymously. Another student, Matthew Rotker-Lynn, was operating on crutches, but managed to rally his peers to spread the word about how students can assist other students and their clubs.

      This is the spirit of today’s CCNY, of which we are immensely proud and humbled. Empathy and kindness is alive and well and permeates the storied halls of the City College of New York. Here at the City College Fund, we are thankful for students who are willing to help peers they don’t even know and for students who are grounded and disciplined enough to prioritize school work over time spent on social media during the semester. We are thankful that the future belongs to these exceptional young men and women.

      What are you most thankful for? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat using #CCNYFund. And, of course, please don’t forget to support us on Giving Tuesday, November 29th, by making a contribution at


                     Happy Thanksgiving from the City College Fund!

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